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If you want to find foreclosed homes you must join a listing service that can give you the information you need: a list of bank foreclosures, government foreclosures and commercial foreclosures. Investing in this type of real estate can be very profitable, but the whole process is based on a strong and reliable list of foreclosed houses. We have partered with the industries most comprehensive list service, Click on a state below to start your search:

If a person is unable to make his or her mortgage payments, the bank will foreclose the property. In some cases, the owners sell their home at a lower price and this is an opportunity for every investor. If the house is foreclosed, it must be transferred to the property of the bank. Banks need to deal with money and getting a house instead of money can be a burden. Banks give their borrowers many loan options and possibilities to avoid foreclosures because they prefer to get money, but in some cases they end up with getting the house of the borrower. As soon as a bank receives the title of property on a house, that house will be sold. Bank foreclosure homes are cheaper than normal homes because the bank needs to sell them fast. People who want to buy these homes can make a lot of money by reselling them and investors usually line up to buy foreclosure houses. There isn’t any disadvantage in buying a foreclosure house and their prices are significantly lower. Those who find out first that a house has been foreclosed have higher chances of making a profit.

Foreclosure lists are updated as often as possible, and keeping track of each change can be a huge advantage for investors. Many people make a great deal of money from buying and selling foreclosed houses.

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  Purchasing Repossessed Homes  
Lately, major or even small banks in your locality conduct foreclosure auctions for repossessed homes. As Greg Shenkman explains, there is an increasing number of people who are going through and shopping repossessed homes through these auctions because there is a prevailing public perception that repossessed homes sold by bank are sold at cheaper prices.